Morbid [adjective]

Definition of Morbid:

gloomy, nasty, sickly

Synonyms of Morbid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Morbid:

Sentence/Example of Morbid:

Philip himself, too, was morbid in his excessive tenderness for this boy.

This was no morbid sentimentalist; no pining, heart-broken woman.

You may say that Robespierre was morbid and unbalanced, and you may say the same of Bunyan.

The official brains of the nation are in a morbid condition.

I shrunk with morbid nervousness from owning to any knowledge of Eugen.

Neither of them had natural tact, and Godwin's sensibility was morbid.

From a just view of his responsibilities he had gone on to a morbid one.

The idea, morbid as it might be, brought him solace this time.

"Surely that must be a morbid fancy," Greta said in a distressed tone.

To Charles, no doubt, this seemed a morbid notion to be discouraged.