Unsound [adjective]

Definition of Unsound:

not well; flimsy

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsound:

Sentence/Example of Unsound:

Many of his theories are no doubt impracticable and unsound.

But were not the Scribes and Pharisees in many things ignorant and unsound?

I see the jury returned a verdict of 'Suicide whilst of unsound mind!'

If they are unsound on one point only, there might yet be hope of their conversion.

They look upon her, who indulges it, as in an unsound condition.

Martin says that's unsound, and the 'Book of Universal Brotherhood' rot.

That the deceased committed suicide by poisoning while of unsound mind.

Nay, it will not bear to be tried by any principle, sound or unsound.

"Agathos" : This is probably not a proper name, but the text seems to be unsound.

A bequest to them was disputed on the grounds that the testator was of unsound mind.