Certain [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Certain:

There are certain people you meet, and right away you can tell they have a good heart.

To that end, NBCU will effectively tailor the measurement program to take into account non-advertising factors specific to certain types of advertisers.

James Robinson, who has spent decades researching why certain states and societies prosper, he’s come to a more nuanced understanding.

Initially, the task force focused almost entirely on trying to keep the virus out of the country, rather than preparing for an all-but-certain outbreak in the United States, these people said.

It was an isolated examination of a certain time period, one that we’re now past.

Voters in Wisconsin are closely following the election, and 9 in 10 say they are certain to vote in November.

As companies increasingly adopt machine learning, they’ll need fewer full-time employees for certain tasks, resulting in more part-time jobs or temporary work—all without health and retirement benefits.

Sometimes the biggest reason the stock market or certain stocks experience a severe decline in price is because they first experienced a massive rise in price.

Even worse, the “keepers” would have to shoulder the work of those let go, which seemed certain to lead to bitterness.

On certain of the stems the fertile cone appears and the spores are ripened about June, after which the process withers.