Convinced [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Convinced:

All told, Swartz isn’t convinced now is the time to get in as an investor.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, Airbnb will be challenged to convince consumers that its rentals are safe.

Just as a fax proved more effective than a letter in convincing people to pay their bills and respond to surveys, so too did it benefit criminals and fraudsters.

Chance didn’t live to meet his second self, but when the calf was born, Fisher christened him Second Chance, convinced he was the same animal.

The whole game was convincing guys to vote for the rights of women.

When a logical explanation couldn’t convince him, that’s when I had to pull out my phone and show him various non-media brands that have successfully integrated podcast marketing into their internet marketing campaigns.

To be sure, this video is aimed at game developers, 3D artists, and those who Epic Games hopes to convince to use their technology instead of a competitor’s.

They tried to convince the public that some new policy serves everybody’s interests, and everybody should support it.

When Thelma and Louise came out, Davis says, she was convinced things were moving forward really fast.

This is, you know — but I didn’t convince enough of them, and I lost the vote in Parliament, which was a very bad thing to do.