Indoctrinated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Indoctrinated:

The thing that was toughest for me to take was to see him indoctrinating his kids.

Whether it was by this sect that the Templars were indoctrinated must remain an open question.

The newcomers, in their first months in the older settlements, were speedily indoctrinated with anti-slavery sentiment.

The Saturnian spirits who visited Swedenborg were manifestly indoctrinated with these ideas.

George has been properly 'indoctrinated,' and, we must hope, will do credit to my instructions.

I was indoctrinated with the idea that there is a moral governance in the world, that God rules over the affairs of men.

The masters, according to its proposal, were plainly to be indoctrinated in matters from which religion could not be separated.

Lamartine has been indoctrinated with the spirit of revolution; but it is not the spirit of his youth or early manhood.

I assure you this is most gratifying to me, and it is the sole way in which the public can be indoctrinated.

However, we were both so foolish that we both imagined it did, having been indoctrinated with this view from our youth upwards.