Assertive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Assertive:

They acknowledge the unprecedented challenges facing us and the need for more assertive and determined action.

Google Health, in turn, penned a polite, nuanced but assertive rebuttal arguing for their need to protect patient information and prevent the AI from malicious attacks.

Still, the naturally shy Magbegor admits she needs to be more assertive to take her game to the next level.

Women are constantly told they need to change themselves—be more assertive, or wear more makeup—to succeed.

A more recent sign of the growing antagonism is the unease that Apple, a relative Switzerland among CTV platforms, could become more assertive in its dealings with media companies distributing apps on Apple TV.

She was more self-important and self-assertive, and Zizi wondered if she had learned something definite against some suspect.

Presently, with her alert, rather assertive blue eyes she saw Kitty, and came forward.

This discussion is necessarily didactic and assertive for it is impossible to prove or disprove any of these postulates.

He was an absolute positivist; his positivism did not make him self-assertive nor peremptory; on the contrary, it oppressed him.

His taste in literature was uniformly bad, but very definite, and far more assertive than his views on biological questions.