Positive [adjective]

Definition of Positive:

definite, certain

Opposite/Antonyms of Positive:

Sentence/Example of Positive:

I can not give you any positive dates connected with Prehistoric Man.

To all the generations before our own matter was a sheer and positive density.

The positive character of this prediction made it very, welcome.

Let us by all means give them instead a dose of positive philosophy.

It means also the power of soul accumulated in the positive doing of good.

Daisy would never have done this consciously--of that I am positive.

Yer'd be positive o' passin' 'er if she didn't syle afore 'igh-tide.

There is a positive vulgarity in carrying your business affairs about with you as you do.'

The air did not seem lovely to him, for he was positive that he detected the taint.

It is the vertebra which steadies him plumb up to a positive perpendicular.