Irrefutable [adjective]

Definition of Irrefutable:

beyond question

Opposite/Antonyms of Irrefutable:

Sentence/Example of Irrefutable:

They prove in an irrefutable manner that the two nations mixed and knew each other intimately.

If he sometimes come across a precept which is perfectly clear and irrefutable, Donald does not scruple to ignore it.

His warm and palpitating generalisations, for all the flaws in their reasoning, bear the irrefutable mark of moral reality.

To this logic, which was irrefutable, poor Encisco could make no reply.

And upon these grounds it may fairly claim to be irrefutable and inevitable.

I knew it was exactly how he would have told it to anyone else, if he had not had irrefutable proof of foul play.

"He would reveal something—he would bring proofs that even you would consider irrefutable," she answered in a low, hard whisper.

The presence of a cicatrix on the left temple (This is a most irrefutable proof of insanity).

For Maxence considered the bills found in the secretary as a flagrant, irrefutable and material proof.

Had the secret of the nocturnal light been mine alone all might have been well; but Betsy Mund's evidence was irrefutable.