Proven [verb]

Definition of Proven:

establish facts; put to a test

Opposite/Antonyms of Proven:

Sentence/Example of Proven:

Mr. Barlee was a proven friend of the colonists and of West Australia.

"Whether they're that remains to be proven, Mr. Baumberger!"

Nor, indeed, could it ever have hurt her, coming from some one so proven as Gaspare.

Just as the one was proven to be older than the others and the others than the one.

But that after death the soul will continue to exist is not yet proven even to my own satisfaction.

If I am wrong, let me be proven wrong, and I will beg your pardon.

There stands a traitor, and there one who has proven his loyalty to Cesare Borgia.

That she has no inkling of our presence is proven, since she has cast anchor round the headland.

That he was well justified of his hope was to be proven before they were many days older.

"If you will let my friendship be proven also in that——" he began.