Disprove [verb]

Definition of Disprove:

prove false

Opposite/Antonyms of Disprove:

Sentence/Example of Disprove:

More than one participant says without providing evidence that “Antifa” infiltrated the protest and was responsible for the violence, a claim disproved by many other videos, as well as the subsequent arrests.

The once-popular notion that the NFL lacks a pipeline of minority coaching candidates has been disproved.

A few weeks earlier, in Germany, a woman’s death became the first fatality initially attributed to a ransomware attack, although the link was later disproved.

To make the Resurrection "independent of miracles" is to disprove the Resurrection, which is a miracle or nothing.

Can any of your correspondents account for it on philosophical principles, or disprove it experimentally?

Infidels have utterly failed in their attempts to disprove one of the hundreds of such statements in the New Testament.

But recent discoveries have brought to light many important examples which completely disprove his depreciatory estimate.

That effect would prove neither the reality of the vision nor the supernatural quality of the cure; nor would it disprove either.

No human life is long enough and no human intellect strong enough to demonstrate or disprove any one of them.

This discussion is necessarily didactic and assertive for it is impossible to prove or disprove any of these postulates.