Puncture [noun]

Definition of Puncture:

hole, rupture

Synonyms of Puncture:

Opposite/Antonyms of Puncture:

Sentence/Example of Puncture:

Besides, one of her elbows was tryin' to puncture my right lung.

Afterwards, with a small soldering-iron he closed the puncture.

They puncture them with their snouts and lay their eggs in the bolls.

The probability of puncture or discomfort from the points is almost negligible.

He stripped one of my arms, and made a puncture in the median vein.

She seemed charmed; if she had a puncture—why, she put on the spare.

Even if I don't 'it 'im, I might puncture 'is bloomin' rum ration.

The only course is to puncture the cavity and evacuate the liquid.

You are very skilful,” he remarked, pointing to the puncture; “I compliment you.

Their ways are not the same as ours; and I reckon we puncture their pride often enough.