Slit [noun]

Definition of Slit:

small opening, cut

Synonyms of Slit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slit:

Sentence/Example of Slit:

Cut a slit in the shell of every one to prevent their bursting when hot.

That slit had healed now, but the scar was always at his throat, and in both their hearts.

I will have the canoe drawn up, and gently, but firmly, slit it with my knife.

A hand moved slowly around the slit—a hand that held a pencil-ray.

The darkness then was slit by a hard straight line of white.

The lower end of this rod is slit with a hacksaw and the rudder is placed in this.

In carving a pike, if the back and belly be slit up, and each slice drawn gently downwards, fewer bones will be given at table.

Gather the largest green gooseberries of the walnut kind, and slit the tops into four quarters, leaving the stalk end whole.

"The Frenchman has a throat, and throats can be slit," said the downright King.

Aunt has found out the slit, and poor I will be set to the darning to-morrow.