Concede [verb]

Definition of Concede:

acknowledge, give in

Synonyms of Concede:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concede:

Sentence/Example of Concede:

The Imperial Parliament will never concede that right, nor will any Legislature similarly constituted.

That government seems at present disposed to concede the abolition of that oath to the Catholics of Ireland.

If you must concede,—the conclusion of the first half,—what will be the nature of your concession?

Did his fellow-citizens concede to this great miracle, and have they at length acknowledged him?

The parents concede the higher position to their children, and the children take it as a matter of right.

He feared lest Lord Howe should concede too much, and wished that he would decline the commission.

It was a thing Joachim long strove for; till at length his Father-in-law did, some twenty years hence, concede it him.

To neither reformer nor reactionary would he concede one jot, p 164and in consequence from each side he was vilified.

This was not the law, parts of which even some of the critics concede that Moses wrote.

Some of the critics will concede that many things were done by Moses, but not recorded until after the exile.