Own [adjective]

Definition of Own:

belonging to individual

Synonyms of Own:

Opposite/Antonyms of Own:


Sentence/Example of Own:

“Follows-his-own-fancy,” she repeated, as one repeats a strange phrase, the meaning of which is obscure.

Opposite is a little, hold-your-own school-mistressy young person in pince-nez.

No wonder her father had hidden that photograph, so secretly behind her own-ashamed of having kept it!

"It's g-g-g-gone d-d-d-own the bab-b-b-back of my n-n-n-neck," sputtered Ding-dong Bell protestingly.

Couldn't a-be'n 'at she'd a-wundered off her-own-se'f; and it couldn't a-be'n 'at Steve'd take her, 'thout a-lettin' us know it.

Got a old maid with her to keep her company—a chapper-own, they say—which ain't in no ways illuminatin' my think-tank none.

The little song he was singing was his own,-one he had composed, both air and words; for the child was a genius.

Own-y-to-ny papas stop hurwying when their little boys ask weal hard, persisted Tod.

Each topped a ridge, or a low hummock, with an assumption of defiance of the cock-on-its-own-dunghill type.

Laziness is an own-brother to Over-confidence, and both are your inveterate enemies, though they pretend to be soothing friends.