Private [adjective]

Definition of Private:

personal, intimate

Synonyms of Private:

Opposite/Antonyms of Private:

Sentence/Example of Private:

The morning after his arrival, Artaphernes had a private audience with his royal master.

In the private car the little party was beginning its own journey Eastward.

Mr. Davis, may I ask the favor of a few minutes' conversation with you in private?

Fouts, with a slip of paper in his hand, beckoned him from the door of his private office.

And noo, Captain Smith, let me say a word in your private ear.

You are recommended, Miss, to the practice of your private devotions.

He gives his ambassador a sum on which a private gentleman can live, and no more.

But can you, my dear Miss Howe, condescend to carry on a private correspondence with me?

Sarah agreed briskly, and she hurried on toward the private office.

Turning his head, he saw it was James Danby, an owner, sitting in his private box.