Unconcealed [adjective]

Definition of Unconcealed:

not concealed

Synonyms of Unconcealed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unconcealed:

Sentence/Example of Unconcealed:

Blanche's friend regarded him with unconcealed and flattering approval.

Philo Gubb stared at his visitor with unconcealed admiration.

A mob of women gazed up at him and its one expression was unconcealed wrath.

Dancing now regarded the operator with unconcealed impatience.

She seemed all innocently unaware of his unconcealed disgust.

"No one in the world," he answered her in a murmur of unconcealed despair.

After that he stepped back a pace and surveyed the pair with unconcealed interest.

Noting her hesitation, he came forward with unconcealed eagerness.

Adjusting them to her eyes, she stared at her neighbors with unconcealed curiosity.

"Just like the rest of us, I suppose," Wilholm said with unconcealed hostility.