Aboveboard [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Aboveboard:

"Since things are aboveboard—listen here," said Greenfield with sudden seriousness.

Quick tempers and excitable natures do not arouse mistrust, as they are at least "clear and aboveboard."

They all 'as that; dylies, weeklies, evenin's, Sundyes; but it's of no consequence—my voos are open and aboveboard.

The underhand scheme ran counter to the aboveboard principles of the scout law which he had sworn to obey; of that he felt sure.

It is all aboveboard and it is all done by men of high honour and good character—I mean the Embassy staff.

A message ostensibly so open and aboveboard that it hadn't been thought worth while to hide its wording under the cloak of a code.

I would have welcomed any change for you, and thanked God for it, if only it could have come honorably and aboveboard.

One night he sent for me, though I always stated I liked all my dealings to be aboveboard.

I wish some other people I know of did business as clean and aboveboard as you young fellows.

Whatever a teacher does in the way of observation of his scholars, should be done openly and aboveboard.