Frank [adjective]

Definition of Frank:

completely honest

Opposite/Antonyms of Frank:

Sentence/Example of Frank:

This is a private conversation with experts and adoptive parents for a frank discussion about the process, needs and how their lives have changed by adopting.

As some in person meetings are beginning to resume, attendees say that aside from picking the location and setting a time to meet, frank discussions about the coronavirus are now part of the mix.

To be frank, landing pages live separately from your initial website.

The second monkey, I’ll dub him “Frank,” only got his sip of juice when he looked at the first target object.

I’ve written a book to try to explain my perspectives, and I hope people will say that it’s a frank and reasonable effort, and some important things change for the better.

Miss Thangue sat forward with the frank curiosity of the Englishwoman when inspecting a foreign specimen.

Bidding a young bank manager take charge of the detachment, Frank led the newcomer rapidly to headquarters.

To save his faithful servant Frank wheeled Nejdi, and cut down a native who was lunging at Chumru with a bayonet.

If you were to have a frank explanation with her, Blanche would very soon throw Jim Crow out of the window.

Frank loosened his sword from its fastenings and took a revolver in his left hand, in which he also held the reins.