Insincere [adjective]

Definition of Insincere:

dishonest, pretended

Synonyms of Insincere:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insincere:

Sentence/Example of Insincere:

The protestations of Mr. O'Connell were as insincere as his statements were historically untrue.

It was so evident that the Chinese commissioner was insincere, that hostilities recommenced on the 7th of January.

I never saw the man, though she gave me a long history of the affair, to which I listened with a forced and insincere sympathy.

His political ideas were beneath contempt; they were insincere, as he proved, and they were merely an excuse for riot.

It might be said that the word sincere is a proof of love, and insincere a proof of falsehood.

But it sounded insincere to her, and she would trust it no further.

Either the amendment was insincere on the face of it, or it betrayed the most culpable ignorance.

The Liegeois are accused of being insincere, and are called, the Italians of the Netherlands.

Now, it is not that Mr. Ridd was worthless that we hold his memory in reprobation; nor that he was insincere, nor sly, nor ugly.

The man who is insincere enough to be puffed up by it is not far from judgment.