Direct [adjective]

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Players and their direct support teams and essential staff members not able to work from home will be the only players allowed to enter Melbourne Park.

Multiple assistant coaches said they have had to come to terms with the direct impact that the protocols can have on their team’s record, either by cutting down on practice time and in-person meetings or by sidelining players.

In June 2019, Housing Commissioners Stefanie Benvenuto and Ryan Clumpner directed the agency to study the viability of a vacancy fee.

The more common direct-drive motor begins spinning the blades once the machine is turned on, while a clutch-drive motor engages when you move a handle or throw a switch.

Today, Shop Pay’s payment option is used by a number of top direct-to-consumer and newer brands, including Allbirds, Kith, Beyond Yoga, Kylie Cosmetics, Jonathan Adler, Loeffler Randall, Blueland and others.

Private marketplaces and programmatic direct deals are a starting point.

After one of these nights, in 2014, her direct supervisor offered to make sure she got home safely.

Extra duty provisions, which govern side work that towns direct to their officers, and have become a routine source of cash.

Not only is the data from SKADNetwork aggregated, there’s no direct access to it given it’s owned and reported by the ad networks.

The newsletters currently rely on direct advertising for about 70% of the business’s revenue, Bonner said, with the remaining 30% coming from affiliate sales.