Changing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Changing:

That, too, is a process which in this changing new world of ours can never be completed.

But he is not aware of the profound extent to which his own opinions have been affected by the changing times.

But changing her mind once more she resumed the peignoir, and went outside and sat down before her door.

It is therefore true that the field of crime is not fixed, is in truth always changing.

The common law is therefore always slowly changing like the ocean and is never at rest.

Something I had heard years ago, some old wives' tales about a man's life changing every seven years, kept dinning in my head.

Two and one-half minutes would be allowed for changing engines, three for watering, and two for coaling.

He glanced sharply from face to face, feeling as though some silent, unseen process were changing everything about him.

She understood the changing color of her eyes, and her father's statements that he had never quite explained.

Two minutes suffice for changing teams at the “Talbot,” and off that heir of the coaching age goes again.