Irresolute [adjective]

Definition of Irresolute:

indecisive; uncertain how to act; weak

Synonyms of Irresolute:

Opposite/Antonyms of Irresolute:

Sentence/Example of Irresolute:

He stood irresolute, making some excuse about his mother who expected him; he even muttered something about an engagement.

But the policy of Austria was, at that time, strangely dilatory and irresolute.

(for he appeared irresolute;) "nay, then I will go alone, and tell your master that ye are cowards."

And because of these thoughts he had stood irresolute, aiming without firing, and bidding his Mexicans do the same.

Excuses are the shadows which the irresolute and idle, the evil, keep ever near, as their refuge from just accusation.

As he looked back irresolute, his keen eye noticed a shadow moving along the hedge-side to his left.

I stripped to the skin, and stood on the extreme margin with my hands clasped, irresolute.

The ministry was unfortunate in being represented in the house of commons by the irresolute Conway and the unprincipled Townshend.

Many of the latter came forward at once and threw down their arms; while others stood irresolute.

There they ate a packet of sandwiches which John Willie had brought, and then he rose and stood, irresolute.