Wobbly [adjective]

Definition of Wobbly:


Synonyms of Wobbly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wobbly:

Sentence/Example of Wobbly:

Nor was there gelatine in stock, with which to make a gay-colored, wobbly jelly.

"Go on explaining," said Margery, rocking herself in the now wobbly chair.

But the trip's just as wobbly as ever for me, riding up here on your shoulder.

Good-night, said I, going to him to take his hand, for he was too wobbly to have met me halfway.

He felt sick and weak, as helpless as a blind and wobbly pup.

Please take me out of this wobbly thing; I want to lie on my own bed.

My word, it was a rickety, wobbly one, and broke down second day.

It's the cause of all my troubles, one of the wobbles in my wobbly character.

When the wobbly "H" grew to completion they laughed heartily.

The wobbly baby must be brought up to become a dove of grace and beauty.