Safe [adjective]

Definition of Safe:

free from harm

Opposite/Antonyms of Safe:

Sentence/Example of Safe:

Two furlongs hence, and we shall be safe in the hostel at Dogmersfield.

“Nay, he is safe at home, where I would I were,” sighed Kit.

It traded with all the world and offered a safe home to the merchant and to the artisan.

In a few weeks from that time, this party were all safe in Canada.

They had experienced heavy weather, but everything was dry and safe.

Gave the horses as much as I considered it safe for them to have at one time.

But the Holy Laws no longer needed the safe shelter of a royal shrine.

We are now safe again, and I must give the horses a few days' rest.

"Only place where they would be safe, then," said the spokesman.

A surplus in the Treasury created by loans is not a permanent or safe reliance.