Unhurt [adjective]

Definition of Unhurt:


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Sentence/Example of Unhurt:

It was easy for him unhurt to think what he would do if he were hurt.

He dropped on to his feet, fell to the ground, then rose again, unhurt.

Unhurt, sir, and so are Warner and Pennington, who are lying here beside me.

But wherever her duty calls, she may proceed fearless and unhurt.

Restore her safe and unhurt to these longing, faithful arms!

The rider was unhurt, but the horse's right foreleg was broken.

But I should say you are just the sort of man that ought to come through all that unsoured and unhurt.

He was unhurt but his faithful companion had been one of the first to fall.

The girl was unhurt, but naturally she wanted to get out of the country at once.

Lift her and lay her down here in the hollow of my unhurt arm.