Undamaged [adjective]

Definition of Undamaged:

not damaged or harmed

Synonyms of Undamaged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undamaged:

Sentence/Example of Undamaged:

The whole of the walled city and the trading quarter of Binondo were undamaged.

Still it is undamaged, and they call it the finest room in Europe, and perhaps it is.

This time the hammer had fallen upon an undamaged cartridge.

With his undamaged hand he felt the bandages that were about his head.

The prayer of the inscription is, "May this book be undamaged for ever."

She was undamaged, unhurt—everything in order, gasoline in the tank.

Let the hawk at least take her first quarry with undamaged feathers.

We all heard the noise, we all saw the fire, yet the window was undamaged.

The town has since been badly wrecked, but then it was undamaged.

A brief examination showed them that the aëroplane was undamaged.