Sound [adjective]

Definition of Sound:

complete, healthy

Synonyms of Sound:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sound:

Sentence/Example of Sound:

Eudora, what is it within us, that listens where there is no sound?

"Oh, blessed be the sound of your voice," replied the peasant.

It means the "science of the sound which is made by our speech."

But the sound came nearer, and he distinctly heard "Robert!"

The sound disturbed him, bringing premonitions of the city's unrest.

The sound in her ear had grown to a roar, as of many mill-wheels.

As the boat floated on, every sight and sound appeared strange.

She said it, as if guided by an instinct, to sound the depth of his love for her.

He watched her as she strove to speak, but if her lips stirred they made no sound.

There must have been a sound, and he glanced over to the trapper for an explanation.