Distrusted [verb]

Definition of Distrusted:

be suspicious, skeptical of

Synonyms of Distrusted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distrusted:

Sentence/Example of Distrusted:

At first the girl declined to follow advice which instinctively she distrusted, and Sir Lucien was too clever to urge it upon her.

She distrusted the sudden advent of mineral waters; one never knew what was coming next.

Rents were as uncertain as titles, and landlords and tenants distrusted each other profoundly.

Bright, however, distrusted the ambassador at the Porte, and gave reasons for doubting the alarming telegram.

Leopold hoped to avoid war; he distrusted Prussia, and the designs of Catherine on Poland caused both sovereigns to hesitate.

How he distrusted and feared this smug, self-complacent young man!

He remembered the man's declaration in the studio that afternoon and he distrusted and feared him.

During some moments he distrusted their intentions and assurances.

Raoul distrusted Scott's fancy uniform, his heavy gold-braided epaulets and the white plume on the cocked hat that lay beside him.

Indeed if I alone had seen the thing I should have distrusted my senses, should have thought my imagination was playing me false.