Believe [verb]

Definition of Believe:

trust, rely on

Opposite/Antonyms of Believe:

Sentence/Example of Believe:

He did believe you, more or less, and what you said fell in with his own impressions—strange impressions that they were, poor man!

I believe that these are ideal characters constructed from still more ancient legends and traditions.

"I verily believe they're gone to look at my button," cried Davy, beginning to laugh, in spite of his fears.

I cannot believe that God would think it necessary to come on earth as a man, and die on the Cross.

I cannot believe that a good God would create or tolerate a Devil, nor that he would allow the Devil to tempt man.

The girl saw this, and knew that he did not believe in her as she wished him to believe, as she intended to make him believe.

Later on, I believe, a child is wont to have his favourite colour, and to be ready to defend it against the preferences of others.

Now this younger son—I believe that he is in his twenty-first year at present—has been something of a scapegrace.

And he was inclined to believe that it was Grandfather Mole that was to blame for the scarcity of worms in the neighborhood.

It is impossible to believe that thus far it is anything but a sketch and intimation of what it will presently be.