Consider [verb]

Definition of Consider:

turn over in one's mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Consider:

Sentence/Example of Consider:

For example, the models would consider an advertiser’s TV advertising as a whole rather than break it down at the specific network level.

The ruling also comes as governors and mayors consider whether to renew or reinstate some restrictions this fall and winter, when a potential surge in coronavirus cases may coincide with flu season.

If you’re not in a high-risk group or household, consider doing your part by signing up to work the polls yourself.

Before the ACA, insurance companies could consider a person’s health status when determining premiums, sometimes making coverage unaffordable or even unavailable if a person was already sick with a problem that required expensive treatment.

Build a survival bowIf you find yourself stuck in a survival emergency and you need to acquire food, consider hunting by bow and arrow.

However, because this information is considered “proprietary” to the manufacturer, it is not disclosed publicly.

If you’ve already been thinking about moving, this app decreases the friction between you and a big change you’ve already been considering.

It could also consider Saori Casey, its current vice president of finance, who oversees the company’s books and is responsible for putting together earnings reports.

It was considered such a crazy business idea that the movie-rental giant Blockbuster — yes, the Blockbuster that declared bankruptcy in 2010— didn’t want to buy it.

The app, owned by China’s ByteDance, is still considering bids from two possible buyers — Oracle and Microsoft, which has teamed up with Walmart.