Envisage [verb]

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It envisages India’s engagement in the Arctic region for climate research, environmental monitoring, maritime cooperation, and energy security.

Meanwhile, the government of the newly-formed state of Estonia envisaged the creation of a digital society where all citizens would be technologically literate and governance would be paperless, decentralized, transparent, efficient, and equitable.

I think that people don’t take it seriously just because it’s hard to envisage a fundamental theory that would make that happen and be consistent with other things we assume to be true about the universe.

Joao Gomez had opened one eye far enough to envisage the eloquent intruder and to locate his broom.

But there is the fact, if Harriet can only bring her—shall I say stiff-necked prejudices to envisage it?'

This is the object which animals envisage in their perceptions from the beginning.

With regret I add that she did not envisage the episode in that light.

But it is certain that in discussing education we ought constantly to envisage the actual individuals to be educated.

We could envisage what might be called the sequences; I mean relations between antecedent and consequent.

It was hard for him, at his time of life, to envisage anything more than a Greater Serbia.