Speculate [verb]

Definition of Speculate:

think about deeply and theorize

Opposite/Antonyms of Speculate:

Sentence/Example of Speculate:

"He had no right to speculate with my mother's money," said Robert, indignantly.

She no longer feared the senator, but she refused to speculate upon what Chip might do.

He had no time to speculate further, for Dr. Hardman entered at that moment.

You will have to take lessons from me, and go on the market and speculate yourself.'

I want you to give me some money for myself—to speculate with.'

What the startling apparition was, he had no time to speculate.

But I must refrain, for my business is to narrate, not to speculate.

He began to speculate on the future of the countryside when the Gaelic revival was complete.

It is useless to speculate on what might have happened had that thing lived.

But Antoine was determined to speculate on his brother's favourable disposition.