Furtive [adjective]

Definition of Furtive:

sneaky, secretive

Opposite/Antonyms of Furtive:

Sentence/Example of Furtive:

Aristide suddenly bethought him of the furtive masquer of the night before.

Garnache had been all eyes for some furtive sign, some whispered word; but he had surprised neither.

The first evening we went to it, and he, unobserved, made furtive sketches of the most prominent people and the prettiest girls.

Dorothy again caught the furtive glance of the woman's evil eyes, and recoiled from it as if she had trodden upon a snake.

Twice had Le Pontois taken furtive glances at the stranger whose lined brow was so extraordinarily familiar.

And there was something rather furtive in his look, something which seemed to speak of a suppressed curiosity and watchfulness.

About three in the morning, there was a furtive whistle from the mouth of an alley near where we had parked for a moment.

Pierrine the Goat went off quickly, followed by one of the men-at-arms, after having cast upon Garin a furtive and ferocious look.

And the baroness threw a furtive look on the ancient and sumptuous clock in a corner of the room.

Knowing that in the interval of getting phone connections they would be beset with furtive questions from a curious executive.