Cunning [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cunning:

But this time, with all his cunning and perspiration, he could not induce another throb in the tired engines.

Aunty Rosa had credited him in the past with petty cunning and stratagem that had never entered into his head.

In a dream he crossed the crowded hall, avoiding various acquaintances with unconscious cunning.

Whether this aptitude was combined with the sinuous cunning that is essentially Oriental Nigel did not know.

Of these Napoleon was well advised, but Bernadotte was too cunning to allow himself to be compromised absolutely.

Consequently he has taken occasion to write to your Majesty with tricks and cunning, as is said.

He cursed himself inwardly for a fool and a dolt—the more pitiable because he accounted himself cunning above others.

I hate the wench, wi' her cunning black eyes lookin a body through.

They demanded money, and were as grasping and cunning in their dealings as the most civilized Europeans.

The captain closed one eye, and a leer of subtle cunning overspread his face.