Shifty [adjective]

Definition of Shifty:

deceitful, untrustworthy

Opposite/Antonyms of Shifty:

Sentence/Example of Shifty:

The shifty, ungenerous spirit of compromise awoke in Raymount.

Eccles faced him unwillingly, with a stolid front but shifty eyes.

He gave an impression of dry dinginess, like rawhide, and his eyes were mean and shifty.

He stared at her fixedly, his shifty eyes for once held steady.

“I am that,” exclaimed the other, with a gleam of cupidity in his shifty eyes.

Most teachers know better, but let the shifty and dull pass by.

Conboy looked at him with quick flashing of his shifty eyes.

He's all right in his way, but he's as shifty as a jumpin' bean.

Ransome apologized, and beckoning a constable, handed him the Shifty.

He looked so shifty when he said it that I had my suspicions at once.