Fraudulent [adjective]

Definition of Fraudulent:

deceptive, false

Synonyms of Fraudulent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fraudulent:

Sentence/Example of Fraudulent:

He telegraphed over and over that he planned to cast mail-in ballots as fraudulent, and, over and over, The Post and others pointed out that there was no evidence to support the claim.

Some followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory had seized on the mathematical theory as proof that the November election was fraudulent, and changed the Wikipedia page accordingly.

So if the dominant position in the Republican Party is that the only free and fair elections are those where Republicans win, and anything else is “stolen” and fraudulent, then we’re on the precipice of not having a democracy.

She doesn’t understand why some Republican lawmakers continue to repeat baseless claims that the election was fraudulent, further angering the masses.

At least millions of dollars of previous aid went to fraudulent applicants, according to public and private estimates.

Most disturbing is the fact that a significant portion of the American public—including a number of CEO Daily readers—sincerely believes the November election was fraudulent, despite 50 states and some 60 courts that have said otherwise.

In the aftermath of the Potter Committee, few Republicans and Democrats could continue to slander their political opponents as fraudulent.

Most companies will ask you to forward the fraudulent email to them, as they have methods of tracing the senders.

This summer the state uncovered 47,500 fraudulent unemployment claims that were part of an attempt to collect $501 million in benefits.

The transfers of property covered by the act are those which the common law regards as fraudulent.