Crooked [adjective]

Definition of Crooked:

bent, angled

Opposite/Antonyms of Crooked:

Sentence/Example of Crooked:

Our world would wobble more, our horizons would be crooked, and our shortest paths would be harder to find.

It didn’t look crooked or out of place, so I went ahead with my trip and my hiking.

He cited “the crooked Democratic machine,” which has been in decline for years.

In a town full of Bernini masterpieces, the modest jack-o-lanterns I sculpt—their crooked smiles and woefully off-center eyes—are hailed as true wonders.

I turned around and he grinned at me, his teeth as crooked as mine.

We continue along a trail sketched through the sand and bristling grasses until we arrive at a promising stand of old oaks with thick, crooked limbs.

They come to a halt suddenly, before a little huddling figure, with its face hidden in its arms, crouched beside a crooked rail.

She wore an old poke bonnet and carried a crooked stick, and there seemed to be a hump upon her back.

Amy, who was strong and quick, reached over the gunwale of the canoe and seized upon the crooked figure.

Sometimes they would clamp a crooked stick between a grooved piece of sandstone and a flat bone.