Warped [verb]

Definition of Warped:

bend, distort

Synonyms of Warped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Warped:

Sentence/Example of Warped:

The rudder may also be curved or warped in similar manner by lever action.

The schooner might well have been warped to a dock in some port of the dead.

He wasn't going to be taken in by any warped sense of humor.

If the pressing hand has a twisting motion, the book will be warped.

Your money had, in a way, warped your estimate of people and things.

The sudden shock of the news had robbed me of some of my wit, and had warped my reasoning.

His moral sense is not so much dulled by experience as warped by education.

Warped and twisted all his outlook as he brooded on it through the years.

And our histories of the early Church are too often warped by an unfortunate bias.

Too many of us starting out on life's journey have a warped ambition.