Purify [verb]

Definition of Purify:

free; make clean

Synonyms of Purify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purify:

Sentence/Example of Purify:

Germany, he said, had been divinely ordained to conquer the world and purify it.

Then they strewed the grass on the sand, to purify it from taint of earth, and then they began.

That your error may not increase, I will endeavour to purify your soul.'

The legislator must purify them, and if he be not a despot he will find this task to be a difficult one.

In our case, however, we shall only need to purify the streams before they meet.

Purity and impurity belong to oneself; no one can purify another.

It is an exercise, also, which tends at once to elevate and to purify the mind.

They may purify and reform as much as they please, but only in their own realm.

God desireth not to lay a burden upon you, but he desireth to purify you.

Its power to purify and revitalize is peculiar and remarkable.