Disinfect [verb]

Definition of Disinfect:

make clean, pure

Synonyms of Disinfect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disinfect:

Sentence/Example of Disinfect:

Riggs has a food and drink minimum of $125 per person, which helps cover the estimated $50 expense of disinfecting the room.

The study does not prove that increased frequency of disinfecting caused uncontrolled asthma.

Even as Metro has been running buses and trains at a reduced level because of lower demand, costs for cleaning, disinfecting and personal protective equipment have risen.

Canales has a new cleaning regimen to disinfect toys every day.

Most were scheduled on their own day so that the room could be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each actor.

Providers are having to disinfect ambulances after each call and provide testing for their staff.

To inject clean moisture into a dry room, it hits water with disinfecting UV light before evaporating it into droplets too teeny to carry any remaining pathogens.

Some of the hit comes from more than $17 million in increased costs for personal protective equipment, cleaning and disinfecting supplies and services.

At York General Hospital, with 25 beds in a small Nebraska town of that name, the hospital board voted to spend nearly $80,000 from its strained budget to buy an ultraviolet light disinfecting robot that allows N95 masks to be used five times.

The guidance, released by the National Health Commission, calls for frozen food packaging and the vehicles transporting them to be disinfected before the goods are unloaded.