Fumigate [verb]

Definition of Fumigate:

disinfect, ventilate

Synonyms of Fumigate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fumigate:


Sentence/Example of Fumigate:

The English were furious, threatening terrible things if any one attempted to fumigate them.

I had to burn my blankets and fumigate my tent before I could sleep in it again, but I guess I had better shut up.

A tar-pot having been found, Mr Collinson then sent the men below, to fumigate the cabin and the forepeak.

After eating heartily, more especially after supper, they burn certain gums and herbs and fumigate themselves to produce sleep.

If green fly makes its appearance, fumigate the house; but if only a few shoots are infested, dip them in tobacco water.

Or will you cease being a psychic pest-house, and begin to fumigate and disinfect your Mind?

Fumigate the cask by burning strips of muslin dipped in sulphur as in the preceding recipe.

"If I had a bed that old, I'd fumigate it," the captain declared.

I went last night to see the play—a drama of the modern kind; and I am feeling tired today; I'd like to fumigate my mind.

It would be very easy in most situations, and very effectual, to fumigate them with muriatic gas.