Vaporize [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Vaporize:

Nearly all liquids will vaporize if permitted to come into contact with air.

I suppose, then, that only the rich and the aristocratic ‘vaporize’?

They begin to heat, perhaps to heat irreversibly, and if they get out of control, they may vaporize.

There is nothing more easy than to vaporize reality altogether, by way of exalting a philosophy.

The crude petroleum is distilled as rapidly as possible with fire heat to vaporize off the naphthas and the burning oils.

The lowest temperature obtained by allowing liquefied carbonic oxide to vaporize was -220.5° C.

We simply apply heat to melt the ice and then more heat to vaporize the water.

We put in more dampers, but it kept going up and up, and I thought it might vaporize any minute.

And this thing, he said irrelevantly in his mind, this massive piece of solidity can vaporize into a gin bottle!

Other methods have been tried, such as steaming to vaporize the sap, and soaking in hot water for the same purpose.