Exterminate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Exterminate:

Fingers crossed that one of those over-the-air updates exterminates this bug without introducing something worse.

I should have voted for at least three presidential candidates at this point in my life, but that possibility where I come from was exterminated like a deadly pandemic.

Stamets’ other mushroom nostrums include dissolving petroleum waste, exterminating unwanted insects, and creating vaccines that can eradicate viruses.

There was not a moment to lose, for one well-directed shot might exterminate half of us.

From the very first of the war their work was to help exterminate the guerrilla bands which infested the State.

The regular troops, the constabulary, and other armed forces combined were unable to exterminate brigandage.

You like to divide yourselves into nations, to trick yourselves out in national costumes, and to exterminate each other to music!

Shepherds have entered into a conspiracy to exterminate the wolves.

A determined effort is now being made to exterminate the rat because of its connection with bubonic plague.

They are extremely difficult to exterminate because their flat body allows them to hide in cracks out of sight.