Eliminate [verb]

Definition of Eliminate:

remove, throw out

Opposite/Antonyms of Eliminate:

Sentence/Example of Eliminate:

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2017 eliminated employee business expenses.

Hinges pop the glass a centimeter off the frame and let air in, eliminating pesky fog.

Chapple said the university will ultimately save money by eliminating the need to purchase “unnecessary plastics” and cutting down on recycling and garbage disposal fees.

Unsure whether Metro would get another stimulus, board members planned for the worst, proposing a budget for fiscal 2022 that included buying out or laying off a fourth of Metro’s workforce, closing 19 stations and eliminating weekend rail service.

They eliminate the need to run out to store for replacements, plus, they can be easily shared.

You try to eliminate the things that make an area attractive for a species.

The company’s approach results in “competitive prices, lower transaction costs, and improved convenience to consumers by eliminating intermediaries in the supply chain,” according to the company.

All they had to do was to eliminate that third element and you would have a valid test.

General Motors to eliminate gasoline and diesel light-duty cars and SUVs by 2035In the SEC filing, Tesla said it was branching into bitcoin and other alternative assets to maximize returns.

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