Employ [verb]

Definition of Employ:

make use of

Synonyms of Employ:

Opposite/Antonyms of Employ:

Sentence/Example of Employ:

You cannot ask what happened to your gift, but nothing stops you from penning a chatty letter updating him on your life and thanking him for his many kindnesses while in his employ.

All this will, doubtless, throw a number of deserving persons out of employ.

In fact, Frank was the only European in Meerut who would employ the man, whose extraordinary appearance went against him.

To talk of an excess of labor, or an inability to employ it, in such a country as Ireland, is to insult the general understanding.

The bank did not employ him to steal, but to perform the ordinary banking duties.

And if we did that, they would employ their usual treachery and evil methods, as they generally do.

It also empowered the Board to employ persons for carrying the Act into effect.

I asked why he should employ Irishmen, in preference to doing the work with his own hands.

The people in his employ had, in fact, deserved much more praise than he had vouchsafed to them.

It was not the habit of Consul Garman to trouble himself much about the persons in his employ.