Exploit [noun]

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The food was good, but the restaurant also seemed to take on Davis’ personality — he appeared to know everyone in the neighborhood and beyond, and always had a story to tell, often about colorful West Side characters or his own exploits in politics.

Oracle’s October advisory accompanying a patch said exploits are low in complexity and require low privileges and no user interaction.

Even though Democrats in the county outnumbered Republicans 3 to 1, The Post said that Johnson’s popularity with voters who remembered his baseball exploits might help offset the Democrats’ numerical edge.

We hope you’ll enjoy getting acquainted with these remarkable young scientists and following their exploits in the years to come.

It’s at the center of a booming international industry in which high-tech firms find software vulnerabilities, develop exploits, and sell malware to governments.

The campaign was notable for an exploit which admirably illustrates the secret of his success as a soldier.

The whole episode contrasts markedly with the exploit of Bishop Sinclair in Fife.

These are the words of Calendau when, seeking his reward after his final exploit, he learns that he has won the love of Esterello.

In the seventh canto is described in magnificent language Calendau's exploit on the Mont Ventoux.

While the exploit would be very brilliant if successful, you must remember that failure would be disastrous to you and your men.