Unemployment [noun]

Definition of Unemployment:

dismissal from job or responsibility

Synonyms of Unemployment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unemployment:

Sentence/Example of Unemployment:

The best results were obtained in the sphere of unemployment.

The most radical provision of the new bill is that which deals with unemployment.

We hear of the prevention of unemployment, the removal of the bugbear of "losing the job."

The special and solid result of the reign of the employers has been—unemployment.

The unemployment problem will be dealt with by the State, and dealt with so that there will be no unemployment problem.

One was treated as if one was a sort of unemployment bureau.

Unemployment is caused by the exactions of the capitalist class.

For him a short spell of unemployment means starvation and despair.

Yet the labour market is as over-stocked, and unemployment and poverty are as great, as ever.

Thus the relation of vagrancy to unemployment is amply demonstrated.