Hiring [verb]

Definition of Hiring:

commission for responsibility, use

Opposite/Antonyms of Hiring:

Sentence/Example of Hiring:

The King of France, they say, is hiring of sixty sail of ships of the Dutch, but it is not said for what design.

We are brought on to a day in February, on which was held the yearly statute or hiring fair in the county-town of Casterbridge.

Things, however, might be easier when the crop was sown, and if not she must insist upon his hiring extra help.

The news that the king was hiring Germans and bribing the Indians on the frontier to make trouble, made the Americans very angry.

I don't know but I might make one among them myself, now and then, if it was not for the expensiveness of hiring of a horse.'

Slave-holding was considered no more inconsistent with Christianity, than hiring servants is at the North.

My dear Lilburne, don't talk of hiring nurses; certainly, I am too happy if they can be of comfort to you.

On Tuesday morning we set out about ten on our way to Nice, hiring a carriage and taking post-horses.

Instead of hiring women, I try to hire their husbands, and then I usually have them both working for me.

There are so many infected PCs on the Internet that the price of hiring an hour or two on a botnet has crashed.