Let [verb]

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Further, why not sub-let the flat to any of your own friends who can afford to give you a few guineas a week for it?

Mr. O'Connell was, in fact, "a middle man;" he rented extensive lands, and sub-let at a very large profit.

Burmans love it, and no feast is complete without it, indeed a packet of let-pet is an invitation to something festive.

At one place it is let-pet, or pickled tea, though the plant from which the stuff is made is not really a tea-plant.

All was serene and lovely on the surface, however, with many won't-you-let-me's and please-do-now's on both sides.

There was a kind of let-up in the storm jest afore I got here, and they see her fast on the shoal with the crew in the riggin'.

Right along from then on they kept things moving 14 spirited, one way and another, without much of a let-up.

Rivulet, riv′ū-let, n. a small stream, brook: a geometrid moth.

Everything looks so fine and handsome with the business, now, that I feel a great let-up from depression.

But it was a bit of a let-down after getting all warmed up, you know.