Fight [noun]

Definition of Fight:

physical encounter

Opposite/Antonyms of Fight:

Sentence/Example of Fight:

The shift toward culture fights driven by conservative media has real implications for the evolution and expectations of that group of Americans, including an erosion in the democratic system the GOP was built to leverage.

By the time the fight finishes, Irene has backed out of the elevator, staring.

That's one possible explanation for why so many species have evolved various defensive structures to protect them from damage during a fight.

With the Washington Wizards back at Capital One Arena for the first time in a week Wednesday, one of the things Coach Scott Brooks hoped his team would carry from its up-and-down trip was the importance of fight.

In the nation’s capital, teachers and students returned to school buildings last week after a drawn-out fight over how and when classrooms would reopen.

That applies to fights, wrestling matches, stock car races — and baseball games.

If passed, advocates say, the legislation would represent a step forward in the fight for equity and labor rights, with potential nationwide impact in the tech industry given the large number of companies headquartered in California.

In some cases, the fight over reopening has reignited long-standing concerns about building safety.

He joined protests over school segregation in Chicago and Los Angeles in 1963 and traveled to California throughout 1964 to join the fight against Proposition 14, which sought to repeal the state’s recently passed fair housing act.

Indeed, there are many who would credit skilled employees for applying their increased power to the fight for systemic changes that actually now appear to be taking hold.